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I am a senior at Ravenwood High School, class of 2023.

I actively mentor underpriveleged children in Nashville in STEM education including Robotics, and lead them to build their VEX GO robo-cars.

I enjoy playing tennis, ping pong, reading books, and researching climate topics.

Robotics Project

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I want to spread STEM awareness by teaching Robotics 101 to underserved kids who do not have the opportunity and education in their daily lives. I have taken the intiative by visting the kids in several Nashville Area locations and mentoring them by conducting multiple hands-on workshops.

Project Objectives

  • Increase STEM awareness for underserved kids
  • Familiarize kids with robot-building using VEX GO and LEGO parts
  • Embolden kids to code using programs on VEX GO and Scratch
  • Expose kids to the various opportunities in robotics compeitions
  • Raise funds for procuring robot-building kits for kids


    AAOC Camp

    An Array of Charm, "AAOC", teaches that every child can achieve his or her goals, despite their current circumstances. Thier unique approach involves healing the ills of cultural, economic, and educational poverty through gender-specific foundation training in etiquette, civility, and protocol.

    STEM Presentation

    This was a small STEM presentation into what robotics can do to empower children.

    LEGO Building

    These kids were assigned a LEGO project to build and had steps in order to complete it. I analyzed how efficiently they did it.

    Collaborative Discussion

    One kid asked "How does this step directly show the piece fitting on?" I replied, "Well, it shows a broad overview, and not exact. See if you can figure it out." Sooner or later, to my surprise, another kid helped her by finding the pieces to complete the robot.

    G.O.D. International

    God International Serves Designated Neighborhoods By Mobilizing, Organizing Or Facilitating Programs That Meet Particular Needs Related To The Issues Of The Area.

    Accurate Measurements and Cutting

    I gave the opportunity of cutting precise pieces for a robot. The teacher helped the children as it proved to be a challenge, but helped them learn STEM concepts and they soon engineered a solar-powered robot.

    Support from Teachers on Solar-Powered Model

    While I was showing aspects of a solar-powered robot model, three teachers came up to me to ask me questions in order to also educate their students. They appreciated the amount of information I gave to them.

    Engaging Demonstration

    I gave the whole class a presentation on STEM, Robotics, and Drones, and asked them movie questions related to robotics, such as Wall-E.

    Fund Raisers

    To support the kids in my Robotics Education project for buying Robotics kits, I'm raising funds through the following activities:

  • Setup a GoFundMe fundraiser
  • Coaching tennis to younger kids in WCPR and in my local community
  • Developing web applications for BundleN company
  • Testimonials

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